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Current apps

More toys really - nothing significant or ground breaking at the moment.

Retired apps

No longer active:

  • Aussie Blogs Update Tracker - monitored a database of Australian blogs for updates, also connected to an updated blog and downloaded last post via RSS.
  • Aussie Blogs FinderBot - spidered various blog directories for new Australian based blogs.
  • Aussie Blogs ChangesBot - checked update RSS feeds of popular ping services for updated Australian blogs (, etc.)
  • Aussie Blogs CheckerBot - checked non-pinging Australia blogs for updates using diff and date checks.
  • Aussie Blogs Topic Tracker - identified topics and trends in posts found on Australian blogs, similar to Technorati - while it worked in theory, I couldn't throw enough server resources at this to keep it running at a usable speed.
  • Aussie Blogs Popularity Index - no longer updated.
  • Aussie Blogs Webring - the first comprehensive listing of Australian weblogs (2000).
  • - a very early attempt circa 1999 at a customisable portal like Netvibes.
  • Bluetooth Presence Detection and Asterisk - linked to Asterisk PBX, email and various other services. For example, on arriving home the house server detected my phone, cancelled call diversions in Asterisk, and announced via voice synthesis the number of unread emails and how long I'd been out of the house for.
  • weblog - advanced Domino weblog for it's time, full commenting, TrackBack, related posts, mobile/email/text/voice posting, Web, Avantgo and WAP reading, full-text search, rich-media, categories, RSS, automated posting (eg. Facebook status) and loads more (2000).
  • discuss - commenting system written from scratch, including CAPTCHA and TrackBack.
  • pictures - picture library system, used until moving to Flickr for storage. Also created a bulk uploading program with automated Photoshop resizing, USM and thumb generation. Added RSS feeds in 2002.
  • media - video library system, used until moving to Vimeo and YouTube. Added RSS feeds in 2002.
  • Pilot's Logbook - web database tracking aircraft flown, location, activity and hours (2000).
  • Search Keyword Referrer Personalisation - (aka Related Posts) some cool features including showing picture and video thumbnails if the related item was media (2002).
  • currently - read a table of default tasks by day and hour, and a list of shared calendar entries, displaying my most likely activity or scheduled activity on the blog. Linked to Google Maps and Outlook via a custom Win32 app.
  • Procrastometer - measures personal effectiveness over a 7 day period based on an ideal activity model.
  • - Facebook Updater
  • Last GPS Location - full screen with poly line tracks
  • PostMaster + TweetMe + ShortURL Mashup - a personal TwitPic equivalent, elminating

Commercial projects

  • To be updated one day..

Sites & Domains

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